Halifax County Barn Quilt Trail

Barn Quilt TrailMonkey Wrench | 3 x 3 | This primitive design barn quilt, is the monkey wrench pattern. It depicts the signal to gather all the tools required for the fleeing slave’s journey, meaning the physical tools, as well as the mental and spiritual ones. This barn quilt is located in the Elmo area of Halifax County.Tell your story with a barn quilt. Whether it’s a quilt with your favorite design or flower, a reminder of someone special to you, or a quilt to show off your patriotism, or homage to history. The Barn Quilt movement has arrived in Halifax County. This is a burgeoning trail and more information will be available in the coming months, including mapping of barn quilt locations and significance of each. If you are interested in creating a barn quilt, pdf click here for the application (594 KB) .

Immigrants seeking religious freedom brought Barn Quilts to the United States over 300 years ago. They often decorated their barns with geometric shapes resembling quilt squares. We now know these as Hex Signs found in the Midwest and in Pennsylvania. Barn Quilt decorating peaked in the early 20th century when artists specializing in barn decorating used quilt square patterns in their designs. The movement has been revived from the efforts of Donna Sue Groves to honor her mother, Maxine. Maxine was a quilter so Donna Sue painted a quilt block on her barn. She encouraged her community to follow her example and as a result the first Barn Quilt Trail was formed in Adams County, Ohio in 2001.

Quilt trails are now being organized all across the country. Barn quilts are displayed around communities and then mapped out for tourist to follow these amazing works of art. They promote tourism and help draw visitors into our rural communities. Traditional stars and various quilt patterns are now being displayed on barns, homes, sheds and sides of buildings. They are also put on posts and displayed in yards and parks.


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